And then my son peed on me for about the 5th diaper change in a row. Actually he just peed all over himself, his clothes and his changing table. He hasn’t got the range to hit me yet, though I’m sure it’s coming.

Speaking of pee. Crunchy Domestic Goddess blogged about not flushing until you really need to in order to save water and it reminded me of this little story about B…

We installed a fan in our bathroom (after 6 years of trying to scrub the mildew from the ceiling). It was supposed to be this quick couple hour install followed by a day of painting. Well, as all projects do, this one went into overtime. Two days to install and put in new sheet rock. A month’s wait for our friend to come back and show us how to mud and texture. More time until we had enough hours to tape and cover the bathroom to paint and then finally two coats on all the walls and the ceiling – different colors, requiring different taping strategies. Now you’ve got the background, here’s the story:

(About 2 weeks after the install and 2 weeks before friend returns – bathroom closed up and unused in the meantime)

B: “Wow! Our bathroom really smells badly of urine. What could be causing it?”

H: Walks in, lifts up toilet lid. Overwhelming stench. Flushes toilet. “Honey, did you forget to flush the last time you used the toilet?” (Reread a couple of lines up – in the parentheses – it had been sitting a LONG time)

A couple of days later.

B: “Our bathroom still really stinks. I don’t think that was it.”

H: Walks in, lifts up toilet lid. Slightly less overwhelming stench. “Honey, did you use the toilet again and forget to flush again?” Flushes toilet.

About a week later. Middle of the night. H wakes up to B returning from bathroom. “Honey, go back and flush.”

B: “Mumble mumble ok mumble.”